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At Victoria Language Studies, we believe learning is best in small groups with individualized attention and a customized program. We offer a unique learning format tailored to students' needs focusing on areas that need improvement according to specific goals. Lessons can be given online via Skype or in a comfortable, suburban setting in the school itself. Read about our courses.

We give students a standard test to determine their strengths and weaknesses in four different areas: grammar, reading, writing and speaking. The test is given at the school and takes 1.5 hours.

We then select the appropriate material based on student's needs and place them in a group at the appropriate level, ranging from beginners to advanced (low, intermediate and advanced classes for each level). ​

Classes are either 1.5 hours twice a week or 2 hours once a week, but hours can also be arranged according to students' needs.

We also help students with essays and exam preparation in for history, literature, humanities and social sciences courses at the high school and CEGEP levels, as well as with TOEFL and IELTS. 

Thomas Michael has been teaching English as a Second Language for over 20 years, since obtaining his TESL diploma from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in 1996. He spent three years in Korea where he owned an operated a small English language school outside Seoul. He also holds a Masters degree in English Literature from McGill University, obtained in 2011.

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